September 5th

 Durango Senior Center, Parking Lot, 2424 Main Ave

Ben Gibson is a rock and roll ‘power trio’ deriving influences from greats both past and present: Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaugh, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, as well as more contemporary greats such as Joe Bonamassa and Joe Satriani. Doing both cover and original material, the Ben Gibson band keeps the spirit of rock and roll ALIVE in the music. 

Rob Webster

It begins with the bass: three notes, two tones leading into the tonic, the root note repeated in quarter beats, through one measure, into two before returning to the eighth-note intro. Once more the quarter notes beat a pulse, constant, steady, and in whatever bars in whatever towns flung like flies across America’s breadbasket, high heeled feet have found their throbbing ground, penny loafers, sneakers, rubber-soled tennis shoes or boots of Spanish leather are polishing the pine-streaked floor and the glass in whatever window, however, fogged, quivers like a case containing a heart too large for its fragile canister. Drum sticks flicker mid-air momentarily and, in a whirl, thump a pad, every downbeat accentuated with one peremptory pump, and a tonal network spirals around the first heartbeat pulse: musical vibrations quivering like nerves so palpable you can almost feel their ecstatic fabric. And finally, a strummed acoustic guitar thrums through the room, and you might, only might, now realize all of it – drums, guitar and bass – is presently performed before you by one man. All this, before the soar of a searing vocal starts. And what a vocal. A leonine roar slashed through with all the scars of a blues singer while sweetened with the melodic sensibility of only our best pop crooners. But it doesn’t matter now. No one can hear it. They’ve checked out. They’re all body and soul, dancing there in the arms of whatever partner they’re lucky enough to share this experience with, this moment of such beauty and sensuality you can touch it, smell it, breathe it. And this moment is the music of Robert Webster. To listen to Robert Webster is to hear originals that, in their timelessness, strike you as strangely familiar, and covers that, in the originality of their arrangement, seemingly caress your ear for the first time. Again…

A portion of proceeds will be benefiting La Plata County Humane Society